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Engine tuning has become a huge thing in the past few years. With a small hand held computer, plugged into your car/truck, we are able to get better power, torque, and fuel economy, depending on our needs. 

We would assume that all vehicles that come from the factory tuned perfectly, but we would be wrong. All manufactures have certain guidelines to follow, and because of them, they may down tune one model, so they can over tune the next one. 

There are many options out there to upgrade your cars performance, here are a few.

  • - Cold Air Intake. This upgrade will allow more oxygen into your engine, raising power.  
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  • - Programmable chips. These hand held computers are programmed with new and advanced parameters.
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  • - Exhaust systems. Increase of flow, higher quality tuning, and a low growl that will make any car enthusiast smile!