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Q: How often should i change my oil?

A: It is recommended that the oil in your vehicle should be changed every 5000km-8000km as per manufacture specifications

Q: My check engine light is on, what should i do?

A: This light is illuminated when the vehicles computer senses a fail or abnormality in the cars normal running conditions. It is important to get your vehicle scanned asap to prevent any damage that may occur by the failing part.

Q: What is a cabin air filter, and what does it do?

A: The cabin air filter tends to be forgotten filter. All the air that comes into your car runs through the filter, and if plugged, the air flow will be poor, which leads too longer heating and cooling when you want it the most!

Q: How often should i rotate my tires

A: Tires should be rotated every second oil change or 10,000kms. Doing this will prolong the life of your tires.

Q: I've heard that suspension should be changed every 80,000kms, is this true?

A: YES! Your vehicles suspension is a wearing part, and only has a 80,000kms life span. Your suspension will degrade slowly, making it hard to noticed when it gets worse, but we guarantee that your car will feel safe and stable once you replace your suspension

Q: i want to take care of my car so its reliable and safe, how do i do that?

A: Maintanace is a huge factor in keeping a car safe and reliable. We have have created a maintance schedule that will help. Link