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Shocks and struts are the most important part of your cars ride. Making sure these parts are in good working condition is very important.

Bad suspension can cause many issues such as:

  •     Too much weight transfer when braking, causing longer braking time
  •     Excessive body roll when cornering or swerving from objects in the road
  •     Increased body movement when driving, making it difficult to be 100% in control of your vehicle


Although we may not feel these parts wearing out, over time the shocks and springs of your car deteriorate. The parts are in constant movement while you are driving, while supporting the weight of your car. When these parts wear over time, we may not notice, as we typically just adjust our braking and cornering habits as they parts ware.But the simple truth is, at around 80,000-100,000kms, shocks and struts should be replaced.

We would also like to point out, that when your suspension is worn, it puts extra strain and work on supporting parts. This can cause premature failure of these parts, costing you a lot more when it should. Be safe out there, and remember that suspension is vital to your cars safety

Monroe Shocks have always been a leader in replacement suspension parts. Check out their website for more info! 

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