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They say don't judge a book by its cover, but lets be honest, we all do. Now there are those that don't care about the cover, but there are those who do, and for those people, we supply exterior modifications! 

Spice up the body of your vehicle with a new aggressive grill, or maybe throw a set of RBP rims on your truck to show everyone you means business.

Exterior add-ons arnt only for looks, but many of them have practical and good reasoning to them. For example, the heavy stock rims on a vehicle, versus the lighter, aluminum aftermarket ones, will reduce unsprung weight. This will increase handling, and in theory (although very small) will increase fuel economy. And to top it all off, they will look amazing on your ride!

Also lets look at headlights. Many vehicles come with good, but not so great lighting. Recon and Carid have great aftermarket headlights and taillights. These companies sole goal is to create superior lighting equipment for our everyday vehicle.


Smoked Recon Headlights on a 2008 chevy 3500.