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Whether your looking for a 8 inch lift, a leveling kit, or maybe just some stronger, upgraded shocks, you have come to the right place.

Stock suspension is good, but stock suspension is called "test drive suspension". It gets that name because, automotive companies want you to jump into a car, and love the smooth ride. Unfortunately, that stock suspension isn't exactly what you want once you get used to it.

A Couple reasons to consider upgraded suspension on your new or used vehicle:

  • If you tow, or carry lots of weight, your suspension will sag in the rear, decreasing driver control and braking.
  • Stock trucks all come with what is called a rake. This means the front end sits lower (about 2 inches) then the back. A leveling kit can be installed to help this, and gives the truck a neutral look, while allowing bigger tires to be installed.
  • -Want to go off-road? Some trail exploring? Lift kits are the answer. With anything from 2-12 inch lift kits, for every truck on the market, we can make your dream a reality.
  • -Want to go lower? More of a street vehicle? We also have a wide range of lowering kits, coilovers, and drop spindles for nearly every vehicle on the market.


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